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1.How and why REVO works ?
REVO's molecules are polar, making them attracted to metal surfaces electrostatically. This substantially increases the lubricity of your engine oil and cuts down friction on moving parts inside your engine - effectively translating to a noticeably smoother, quieter and better torque engine, with improved fuel savings and drivability.
Polar electrostatic lubrication is being used in the Space and Aviation industry, and is now finding its way into Formula1, Indy500 and Superbikes series as it provides far superior thermal stability under stress and extreme conditions.
When used with mineral, semi or fully synthetic engine oils, REVO's electrostatic method of attraction means protection is there at all times, even during crucial cold start-up, to better protect and extend the lifespan of your vehicle's cams,bearings, piston rings, oil seals and valve components.
Apart from protecting and lubricating your engine, REVO's proprietary blending and formulation process also maintains and cleans the engine block when used regularly. REVO will not form gum or sludge in your engine as its polar molecule characteristics does not form multiple layers of coating after repeated use.
2.How often shall I use REVO™ ? How long does the REVO™ effect last ?
REVO™ has been tested extensively. For best results, it is highly recommended to use REVO™ at every oil change interval or after every 5000km, whichever earlier.
3.Can REVO™ clean my engine ?
Used regularly, REVO™ acts as a cleaning agent in your engine. REVO™ is formulated to remove oxide deposit, sludge and gum that have been building up in your engine due to age and mileage. Regular REVO™ users will notice a much cleaner engine block. You will also recover “lost” horsepower and torque due to deposit built-up.
4.Why is 30ml already sufficient for engines less than 3000cc ?
REVO™ is highly concentrated and pure. At REVO™ we do not add any other medium like engine oil to increase its content or volume.
5.What happens if I use more than the recommended dosage ?
It is strongly advised not to double the recommended dosage as REVO’s design principle ensures drivers get the most out of REVO™ at the recommended dosage.
6.REVO™ is suitable for what engine types and engine oils ?
REVO™ can be used with fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils.

REVO™ is suitable for the following engines
    1) Petrol and Diesel engines
    2) Natural Aspirated and Turbo engines.
7.What will I feel after using REVO™ ?
Most REVO™ users will almost immediately feel the difference in their vehicle performance ( depending on the age and mileage of the vehicle).

These are the following you should be looking out for :-
    1) Noticeably quieter and smoother engine
    2) Increase responsiveness and drivability of your car
    3) Increase transmission responsiveness
    4) Better mileage for every full tank
8.How do I measure fuel savings ?
From our research, the behaviour and driving style of drivers after adding REVO™ to their vehicle tends to change as their vehicle becomes more “responsive, powerful and fun” to drive. Therefore to correctly measure fuel saving, drivers must ensure their driving style remain as before. Most REVO™ users get between 5% to 15% fuel savings under similar driving conditions.
9.Will REVO™ harm my engine ?
This is a good question. You may further ask how does any oil additive possibly harm the engine which is made out of solid alloys and metal ? There are many types of engine oil additive in the market today. Many of which uses substance like Teflon and chlorine or other medium to provide better lubricity and cleaning effect over your standard engine oil.

Teflon as we know needs to cling on to your engine parts before it can do its job of reducing friction. The trick is getting the right composition of Teflon into your engine, too little Teflon there is little or no effect, too much Teflon it will build up gum overtime in your engine. Unfortunately, few manufacturers successfully achieved the right composition. REVO™ formulation not only enhances the lubricity of your existing engine oil but synergizes with your engine oil . REVO's polar properties provides much better engine protection during cold start ups and extreme driving conditions.

Chlorine as we know is very corrosive but is a very fast acting cleaning agent. Many engine oil additive out there uses chlorine as a cleaning agent as it is cheap and effective. The danger and presence of chlorine is seldom revealed in many product packaging. What is the long term effect of using chlorine based additive on your piston rings, bearings, oil seals and engine gasket ? Instead of protecting your engine, most of these parts will fail prematurely due to the fast acting and corrosive nature of chlorine.

REVO™ does not have any of these physical proprieties, substance or composition. REVO™ is 100% formulated from natural ester and is pH neutral.
10.Will REVO™ change the composition and properties of my engine oil ?
REVO™ has been laboratory tested and complies to stringent industry standards. When added to engine oils, REVO™ does not change the composition or properties of existing engine oils.
11.Can REVO™ be used in transmission and differentials oil?
No, REVO is designed for internal combustion engines only.
12.Can REVO™ be used in motorbikes, lawn mowers and industrial engines?
Yes, but please consult your dealer.
13.Will REVO form sludge or gum in my engine when used over a long period of time?
NO. REVO is instead formulated to clean and maintain your engine condition when used regularly. FAQ nos. 2 & 8 will further provide better understanding of how and why REVO will not form sludge or gum in your engine.
14.My engine is old and not well maintained. Can I use REVO in a heavily sludge engine?
REVO has a natural inbuilt cleaning agent that dislodges sludge and gum from the engine compartment. In some rare cases, using REVO in much older engines or engine that are poorly maintain may experience engine oil filter clog-up.

This will affect the efficiency and working of the engine oil pump. To resolve this –flush out the engine oil, change to a new oil filter and clean the fuel pump.

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