Monday, 19 August 2013

REVO is proven

REVO's formulation is designed using similar friction modifiers adapted from the Aeronautics and Space Technology to substantially reduce engine drag, friction and noise.
REVO is proven to significantly increase engine lubricity. Most REVO users will almost immediately notice their engine running smoother and quieter with much less hi-pitch vibration and stress during hard acceleration while being more responsive and powerful. As engine parts now moves more freely with less friction, REVO users may notice a more stable idling and cruising RPM which helps increase fuel efficiency and reduce engine heat.
In vehicles with automatic transmission, REVO provides better throttle response with less gear changes and less engine drag. Under similar driving conditions, REVO has been proven to deliver better mileage for every tank full.
Used regularly, REVO acts as a cleaning agent that removes unwanted deposit, sludge and gum to help maintain and restore your engine performance and condition.

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